Friday, September 25, 2009

Deck Box

Marinas across Florida have these storage locker thing bolted to the pier in front of each slip, right next to the fresh water and power hook-ups. Deck boxes are used for storage of maintenance items for the boat, like fiberglass and stainless steel polishes, scrub-down and deck brushes, and incidentals for engine, sail and generator maintenance...things you wouldn't need while underway. Don't want to be tripping over the Brasso while you're on the river for the 4th of July? Deck Box!

My mid-century modern-ish house (read; 1940's tract home with a flat roof!) has a wing wall/planter box on either side of the front facade. On the right side, the wall is still intact although some dingle berry knocked out the planter...I'll get to that project in a bit.

On the left side, our original carport has been enclosed as a den, and there is a newer two car carport off the front of the original one car. The carport works fine with one exception, and that is that the planter box is still there, in front of the wing wall and inside of the carport...shaded from sunlight and rain, and therefor filled with scraggly ferns and dirt. Solution? Deck Box!

Here I've dug out to a depth of about 20 inches or so, and framed for the supporting side structure and a slatted floor. The floor will allow the contents of the box to be up off the ground, while the slats provide drainage for any heavy rain that may blow in under the carport and get into the deck box. The entire box is designed so that no holes were drilled into the original structure of the house, and that the weight of the box itself, coupled with the weight of the contents, keep the box from being lifted out of the planter.

The Depth of the deck box, shown here using my drill for scale. The two-by at the top of the wall is the framing for the top swing side hinged lid to the box.

Doing work. See the wall cap framing here?

All finished and locked up tight. There's a bunch of greasy car stuff inside it now, my leaky 3 ton floor jack is in there, 4 gas cans and 8 rusty jack stands, and a set of moldy jumper cables. All the little to no value car maintenance stuff that you use occasionally, but otherwise just find yourself tripping over in a garage or shop. Now, it's right by the cars ready to go!
No Brasso though...


Steve Reed said...

Great idea! Can't wait to see it in person! (So did you kill all the harmless innocent ferns??) :)

utahDOG! said...

Fern Butcher is my middle name.