Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tillie Fowler Trail Armoring - Part 2

Part two of the armoring project consisted of adding the decking , snapping a chalk line down the edge and cutting the planks flush and straight.  This is the tedious part, and J-Pow and I teamed up and put this PITA baby to bed.  He's placing the decking and pre-drilling 6 holes per board, 2 screws in each stringer. I come along after and sink the screws.

J-Pow doing work.  We've cut to length all the 2x4's for the decking down at the chop saw (yeah we had one of those too, set up on the tailgate of Ryan's Chevy and powered by a Honda generator that was a Police Theft Recovery piece that was donated to the club by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.  Being a registered non-profit makes that all possible.

After the decking is in place, (which we've cut a little long intentionally), we can snap a chalk line and trim the sides so the feature looks pro.  We ran a string down one side and butted the decking up to that string to keep the first side straight, then the second side, where the variation in cuts is obvious, we will chalk and cut.   We don't want the thing to have a cheap-o slapped together feel.  This thing will look like a pro-built dock.

Upper flat section of the approach side complete, J-Pow and I transition to the slope down.  Troy is in the background here again, still clearing the trail.  He was swinging a machete like a mad man trying to get through the thick vines.

Total width of the feature is obvious here; 30 inches.

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