Friday, December 7, 2012

White Springs on a Saturday

 Mr Turner and I spent Saturday parading around the trails in White Springs.  These are some sweet loops maintained by the Suwannee Bicycle Association, and they do a phenomenal job.  We hit Gar Pond, Bridge to Bridge and I think Foster Hammock Loop.  All but Foster Hammock were well groomed and speedy.  FH is inside the pay to play part of the park, and I get the sense that nobody wants to...


Some dude gets a monument to volunteer efforts.  Damn.

Orange blaze means Florida Trail.  No bikes down that spur.

Nice and curvy.  Lots of flow.

A good day on the bike.  Recommended.

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Steve Reed said...

Looks like a great place. I think I used to go to White Springs with Canoe Camp back in the day! (Or places nearby...)