Thursday, December 6, 2012

Paid in FULL!

This Sunday I volunteered at a bike shop to fix up and tune some abandoned and donated bicycles to be repaired and then given out to the homeless community here in town.  (homeless community?  Is that like 'jumbo shrimp'?) Most of the bikes were junk department store BSO's but there were a few workman level Trek Antelope's thrown in the mix, as well as an old broken Mongoose Hilltopper and a steel Scott of some ilk.  One of the bikes I worked on was a 1990 bonded aluminum Trek 1200 road bike with Shimano 105 6 speed Unigllide bits.  Some homeless dude is going to make out like a bandit on that bad boy.

After the wrench fest was over, I dragged my tired bones to the beer keg for a freebie cold one only to find that the fixie hipsters at the neighboring part swap had sucked down all the refreshments.  Bastards.

All not lost though, as there was a suitcase filled with tacky free promo bike crap waiting for a good rummaging. So rummage I did commence.

Altruistic volunteer goals met, paid for with worthless tacky stickers, for which I'm a well known sweaty tramp, and I'd say it was a fine day.  Put that in your tapped out fixie hipster keg and smoke it.


Dan O said...

I'm a sucker for stickers too. Cool gig you fixin' up the old bikes for folks who could use 'em.

Goats Like Decals said...

Neat decals.....I too am a self confessed decal whore....the side of my office computer is slowly getting taken over