Monday, September 29, 2008

For Sale!

Got the Rush ready for the block, headed to Fleabay tonight. Gotta sell it before all the banks fail so I can have money for canned beans to feed the baby..It's all George Bush's fault, firing off all them rockets...
On a more serious note. I came in to work today and found out that a co-worker has passed away from apparently drowning in a hot tub. Such an awful thing. He was a fellow cyclist, and we had discussed doing a distance mountain bike tour called the Tour De Felasco together. We are all pretty stunned and saddened here in the office, sort of in that zombie state where we all plod from room to room and dwell on mortality more than actually get work done. He was a good guy and a smart hire and the department will be different in many unfortunate ways, some yet apparent to us, with him gone.

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