Monday, September 8, 2008

Thinning the herd

I'm going to be dumping some goodies on ebay again. Some various retro bike stuff that I've inadvertently amassed over the last few years. Seems like that being active in cycling means not only gaining more equipment that you do use, but also gaining more junk that you don't. Last week, CQP cranks, Sugino Impel cranks, and some spare Manitou suspension elastomers went out on the old fleabay. This week, I've got some Race Face stuff, NOS Control Tech and KORE and some other odds and ends for the 'bay. The good news is that this just means more dough for the bikes that I do ride!

Might thin the bikes too.


Probably not.

1 comment:

Steve Reed said...

Oh good, you're back!

I have some stuff I'm thinking of ebaying, too. But I haven't listed anything in so long I'm not sure I'd remember how!