Wednesday, December 30, 2009


217 Sunset on a BIN auction. Numbers of holes unknown, but the price was right and I've got goodie-hubs in all three spoke counts to build it to if it's not the norm 32 holer. Hmmm...Sunset. Pretty. I'm a whore for the Sunsets.

XTR 910 front hub, sans skewer (these never have skewers...people must eat XTR skewers like crack rock sprinkled on their Captain Crunch.) 910 hubs are easily the prettiest things to ever strut the XTR moniker. Hmmm 910 hubs. Pretty. I'm a whore for the 910 hubs.

S2000 SDG saddle in black, full kevlar. Hmmm...SDG Kevlar. Pretty. I'm a whore for the Kevlar.

Uh....apparently there's a pattern that seems to either point to my rabid fascination with weirdness from the past, or to me just being a slut of some type! Jury's still out...

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