Friday, December 11, 2009


We went to Michigan over the weekend to visit the wife's family. It was a good trip, albeit a FAST one. The weather held up pretty well, although we had consistent light snow for both of our days in Traverse City. No chance to visit any of the local bike shops on this trip, so there will be no scathing review of kiddie-bike packed, mismarketed, economy draining, financial black hole bike shops in this post...just peaceful pictures of a snowy winter wonderland...

...A winter wonderland with 12% unemployment to boot! Booyah!


Steve Reed said...

Nice pics! Looks like you got more snow than we did. If Michigan weren't so economically screwed, it would be a nice place to live.

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utahDOG! said...

I always hear about the woes of Michigan, but the parts of Michigan I see when I visit show no obvious impact from the crappy economy. I've nothing to base this on, but I think there are some places in Michigan that must be so bad that they draw down the average conditions numbers for the state as a whole. Traverse City, for example, is pristine. Go figure!