Thursday, December 9, 2010


EWR update pics!

Remaining from the last incarnation, SDG and Altek, Race Face Diabolus bar and post and the Profile stem, Race Face Atlas topo cranks and gold BB and a Gold Chris King. Added for this time around are the AMP F3 Carbon fork and the brand spanking new 217 Sunset Deore DX wheels, complete with Surly single Speed conversion.

Those of you paying attention will notice only a rear brake. Being a single speeder, this means I only have one cable.

From da front. The AMP fork. When I picked up the AMP B4 (MB) as a complete bike, I only intended to keep the fork, the rest has or will head to eBay.

Rear DX, as a single speed.

One would wonder, why a chain tensioner on a horizontal drop frame?...well, the drops are too shallow and the wheel must be pulled very far back in the drops, which negates the EWRs short chainstays...not good and not fun so QR it is.

And a dumpy little Avid brake. They work great, better than most, and I only have one brake on the bike so it had better be worth something other than glamor points. This Avid fits the bill.

She's a fun one. I'm glad that after all these years (it spent a few of those years with a buddy of mine) I still have this bike.


Paul said...

So the Amp fork doesn't have break bosses and you sold the Amp disc brakes and nothing else will fit the tabs right?

Time to go to a machine shop and have a custom adapter made so you can run a front disc brake.

utahDOG! said...

I have an adaptor already, compliments of some fine chaps in the UK, that will allow me to run BB7s. But I'm digging the rear brake only...

I would never use those crappy AMP brakes.

What am I worried about anyway...comtroling my speed on those vicious Florida downhills?