Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Salsa on da gift card!

Salsa goodies...compliments of a gift card from my brother. What was the gift card for, I hear you ask?... both f you? Well, as you can probably figure out on your own unless you've spent the last 3 years of this blog's existence trapped under something heavy in your basement... FleaBay baby!

35mm purple Salsa Lip Lock seat collar.

And a set of Schlick Salsa Skewers in fancy schmancy blue. I dig the blue stuff, that's pretty common knowlege around One Utahdog Tower World Congress of the Americas, but in secret Im also a sweaty slut for the purple. Ohhh, it rubs the lotion on its skin!! Oop!...uh, sorry about that.

What can I say...we all have our secrets. Next thing you know I'll own up to puffing nasty White Owl Grape Cigarillos in the bathroom! The shame of it all.

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