Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall in Tennessee - Part 1

Spent the weekend in Tennessee with the Appalachian peeps. It was a great trip, and the weather was perfect. We were in Chattanooga... or 'The Nooga' as the hipsters call it. (Nooga.com!)

Culture was the order of the day on the drive up. No word on if Chicken Blast is where you eat or what happens to you after you eat it.

We camped at Harrison Bay State Park, right don the road from one of our weekend destinations; Enterprise Park, and not far from the second; Raccoon Mountain.

First stop... Enterprise South trail system. Built in conjunction with the new VW plant in 'Nooga, these trails were a hoot. Not very difficult, but very fast and fun.

Enterprise South is built on an old munitions storage site, so there are these munitions bunkers all over the place. Cold War infrastructure is creepy.

Inside the bunker.

Pump Track right outside the bunker.

Directional trails in Enterprise. A nice idea to keep you from eating the face of another rider smoking up around that blind turn up ahead...

Carbo-loading! "From the glass lined tanks of Old Latrobe we tender this beer to you as a tribute to your good taste..."

Fall colors. I wont get to Tsali this fall, so I got my fix in 'Nooga.

Next stop... Raccoon Mountain.


Steve Reed said...

LOL @ Chicken Blast. I've been collecting pictures of funny chicken restaurants in London, but that's better than any of mine. (So far my faves here are "Chicken Spot" and "Chicken Valley.")

Hope that directional trail works better than the one in Central Park, which a lot of people just ignore!

Paul said...

It was a great trip. You will need to come back soon to work on your climbing skills to get ready for ORAMM.

utahDOG! said...

S - Directional trails work pretty well, I expect in no small part to the lack of the New York demeanor!

P - I need to work on my fat butt to get ready for ORAMM!