Thursday, August 30, 2012

McClain Bikes - Cadillac Michigan

On the drive from Traverse City to Ionia, we went through Cadillac.  Cadillac is as sad as the motor car brand was from 1970-2000.  Bleak and hopeless.

My advice is to adopt "Art and Science" or the urban renewal and planning equivalent as soon as possible.

Looks like a failing independent drug store.

Nothing earth shattering on the outside.  A line of weird old used bikes for sale cheap, displayed in such a way as to discourage the cycling enthusiast from entering the bleak confines.

And here are the bleak confines.  Slat wall as far as the eyes can see.  Florescent tube lights in long linear lines pointing the way to impending doom.  No employees in sight as they are all huddled in the back around the maintenance stands.  I don't blame them though. I wouldn't want anyone to know I worked there either.

In case you didn't notice, they sell Specialized stuff.  Almost universally.

The place was divided into two sections by this ill conceived half wall thing.  I could have grabbed a bike and casually been out the door and they never would have known the difference.


To the barbie with the basted babies...

 Shop! -   This place was bleak.  Like a warm can of Falstaff Beer bleak.  Like lying dead in the gutter with a fork in your neck bleak.  Like waking up one morning and realizing you've been working the past 15 years in local government bleak.  We are talking bleak.  Bleak bleak bleak.

 Staff! - This place was self service.  I could hear talking so I knew I wasn't alone, but I doubt anyone would have troubled themselves to pour a bucket of water over my head even if I was on fire.

 Fuzzy Feelings! -  Like a cold asbestos tile floor.  Or a gynecologist's office.  Bleak.
 Bikes! - Specialized. Only. Were it not for the presence of the Big S this place could fall off the map and nobody would notice.

The tally-up...

Overall Rating! - 1 Toasted Tot!

Skip Cadillac and drive to someplace, anyplace, else for a bike shop.

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