Monday, December 16, 2013

Policy Change

The bigwigs and I (meaning me of corporate leadership here, holed up as we are in the tanga bar/hookah lounge on the penthouse roof of the gleaming towers of One UtahDOG Center, World Congress of the Americas, have introduced a moderating policy on comments for blog updates older than 30 days.

Those of you who recently posted as real people to an older thread, my apologies.  Your comments will be reviewed and posted as soon as possible.

All you robots out there trying to get me to rub dried tiger scrotum and powdered shark nipple on my "delicates" to promote strength and stamina, shove off. **

** First things first tho....  How did you know?


Steve Reed said...

I moderate older comments, too. Those bots are annoying, though I don't get them as often as I used to.

Paul said...

I like to sell you good stuff. All natural shark fin. Help you grow hair. Call me: 864-555-HAIR