Monday, December 30, 2013

Yokota's on the fleaBay

Normally drought conditions for Yokota's on the old fleaBay.  Not so these past few weeks as folks scramble to sell off cool old crap so as to flock en mass to the local big box to plop down cash on completely new crap.

Early Yosemite, say 1991 or so...

...with a Manitou 2 elastomer fork AND a Girvin elastomer stem.  Looks to be a 20" frame.

Specialized Umma Gumma tires, surely rotten to the core. Full Deore XT but for the replacement cranks, which seem to be 300GS Exage bits.  So sad.

Seat tube decal detail.

"Brain Damage"

Here's a later Yosemite Pro, same frame as mine.  Say around 1992-ish

Deore DX and XT bits with an early Rock Shox Mag 20 fork.  All the way from the other side of the country I can still hear the oil dripping out of it.  Threaded oversized headset hints at early vintage.  Earlier than mine.

Head tube detail.

Seat tube detail.  No more Tange steel, now moved up to Columbus, same as mine.

Finally a last year of Yokota labeled frames before the switch to the Dirt Research moniker.  Here's an El Capitan, probably from '94-95.  DR labels came about in 95 as I recall.

Again with the Deore XT bits and this one sports a Tange Shock Blade elastomer fork.  The elastomers have clearly turned to goo and the fork is at full droop.

These are fine old quality bikes from the early 90's, from a lesser known manufacturer that never got the credit they deserved.  Somebody buy one of these poor old things and give it the clean up it needs so I don't have to.

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