Thursday, August 28, 2014

I hope I didn't miss da fun(k)!

Recently traded on the heavily commerced otherworldly arena of mass consumerism and... consumerism:

This fine, albeit funky Ionic Steelhead 853 frame, $229.

We had top people, and I mean TOP people, on this sale here in the gleaming towers of One Utahdog Center, World Congress of the America's, but then I had to get get up to get yet another PBR and while in transit slipped on some unidentified party puddle and well, a week went by and another and another and then after I finally woke up on the cold marble floor of the executive washroom/shooting range/snooker parlor (EWSRSP) with a concussion I noticed that the listing was done! I need to get a softer floor installed in the EWSRSP. I'll also have somebody in legal get that party puddle cleaned up. Those boys in legal do a magical job of making our party puddle evidence disappear.

And the fine folks at the Pro's Closet managed to squeeze almost $14 out of this SDG Saddle. Hey, Comp Ti, in blue? Rare combo, comparatively. Might as well say "Shimano Pure Guts" on it.  Funky.

And because the funk never runs out on this fat-booty shaggin waggin, here's another random picture of the Saab SPG.


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Steve Reed said...

I'm alarmed by the concept of a "party puddle."