Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Shed 2.0 - Part Three!

Close to finished. Upper management and I hate waste! Chop Chop!!

This is the siding detail. 5" reveal, lap-sided with pressure treated 6 and 8 foot rough sawn pressure treated pine fence pickets. These simulate the texture of the rough sawn cedar on the house but cost much less and also mean that I won't need to paint!

Note the last siding board on the top is too thick, and prevents the 5" reveal for he board below it. I will remove that board and trim it down.

In this picture and the last before it, you can see that the 1x2" fir drip edge has been added to the fascia on the gable ends, and not yet to the front fascia. Front fascia will also get a strip of galvanized drip edge.

Corner detail coming together.

Some shots to give perspective to the shed and it's location in the yard. Beats the heck out of the ugly aluminum thing in the neighbors yard behind us! Here on the front of the shed you can also see that I've cut down the last siding board to maintain the 5" reveal, something I didn't do originally on the back, but will before I call the shed finished.

Door up and ready for lawn crap! The galvanized drip edge is there, screened gables are trimmed out with 1x2". There is a "Z" type door detail to come, a trim piece for the inside of the door jam, a casing piece for under the jam, the soffits need to be enclosed to keep critters out and I need to shingle the roof, but you get the idea.

Shed! 2.0!

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Steve Reed said...

And what a privilege to see it actually happening in real time and in person! :) What is a "Z-type door detail"??