Monday, June 22, 2009

HOT! Beach! Bounty! part 1

The HOT!

This in the shade on the back porch. The porch is in the shade under a huge oak tree. Humans should not have to deal with this kind of heat. I was supposed to go on a 70 mile training ride. I elected to stay home and watch "Gardening by the Yard" on HGTV, and crank my AC down to 73 instead.

After Kristen prodded me off the couch and we decided to head out to the coast to maybe see if the sea breeze would stifle some of the stifling heat, we piled the family unit into the Rover and hit the road. This is certainly the first time the thermometer in the Rover has ever rang up three digits. HOT!


Steve said...

Yeesh. Here it's abnormally cool, if you can believe it.

Utahdog! said...

Al Gore again...Were it not for his being so busy inventing the Internet, he'd be running the planet by now!