Monday, June 22, 2009

Hot! BEACH! Bounty! part deux


For a married man with a small child, is of course, always an opportunity to exercise the low range!

The tides are running low right now, so the distance from the dune-edge, where you park, and the actual shore line, is a good 300 yards or so. There's a sand bar out about 100 feet, that rises to within maybe 30 inches of the surface. I can wade out, and the water gets to about my neck before the sand bar rises up from the ocean floor. We set up the domestic spread down near the surf-zone so the Bean-o wouldn't have to walk far to the water.

Normally, I'm opposed to putting pictures of my kid on the web...seems a little strange to do that what with all the weird people running around today. But....

...can you really tell who this is?

God Bless SPF 45!


Steve Reed said...

Holy cow! I can't believe the kid is on the Web! :)

utahDOG! said...

What kid? Where?! It's a mirage I tell you!

"This is not the child you are looking for"....*waves hand*

Anonymous said...

I know her! That's Susan, no wait, Kelly, um Cindy, no wait....

I signed up for a username but can't remember the password.