Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tsali - May, 2002

Kristen makes her first appearance at the NOC!

She and I went to breakfast on the first day alone. Nice to just sit by the river and enjoy a cup of coffee. Just sit.

The Utes and the "Cone of Silence". Utah decided a while ago that when I go to work, he has license to go to town and chew on his a$$!

Poor Utah, his skin always bugged him, coupled with the standard retriever separation anxiety, and it was the perfect storm for munching on himself. It was about this time that he began to have arthritis pain in his feet, and he'd lick his feet raw trying to make them feel better. Poor old beast.

There's just so much wrong with this picture I don't know where to start!

I get the disapproving glance...undoubtedly earned.

I get this look a lot. Fed Ex delivered another bike frame last night. I got the same look.

Paul maintains the Dean...

Orange, yes. EWR? Nope!

...while Caroline menacingly threatens to beat the living crap out of anyone who disturbs her husband!

Chris' friends Bill and Kim. They had an amazing Ventana Tandem that they just flew around the trails on. Amazing! I think that's Utah-Drool on the lens there...hmmmm.

Bill and Kim egged Kristen on about trying to ride trails. Kristen had never ridden trails, and the only bike available would have been the white EWR with a Bomber QR20 fork and Cruppi pedals. The thing weighed a TON and would have convinced Kristen, I'm sure, to never ride again. I balked at her ridding for those very reasons, Kim and Bill pushed, Kristen cried, and I about slapped the two busy bodies. Stick to your own lives, people.

The dog of The Man They Call Chris.

Fosse...still kicking I understand.

When EWRs cluster, a picture is called for.

Government sanctioned Peep Hunting Season is now open.

Not as good as real marshmallows, but they'll do in a pinch. And what the hell, they're nauseating if you don't roast the hell out of them anyway!

Paul and Caroline getting all huggy while Chris carbo-loads.

Me and Kristen. Why we didn't just move our chairs the way, the hatchet is for later!

Utah determined that the cone was just too embarrassing to leave the truck. In the background, the green Tacoma of The Man They Call Chris, sports it's new Can-Back canvas topper/bed cap thing. A most excellent piece of apparatus!

The Nantahala River just above NOC.

Caroline, Paul and Matt discuss just how obnoxious they think I really am, and how to potentially dispose of my body after "The Accident".

Empties on the table, always the good sign of an exercised and healthy liver!

I never liked 420 back in the day, now I dig it, and I can't get a distributor in town to pick the swill up so I can buy it!

More of the dog of The Man They Call Chris.


From the Mills' Photo Archives

"Hey...uh...anybody want a Rock?" I do my impression of a drunken JCPenny catalog.

Drunken Camera staring.... "I Do NOT look like THAT!

Trying to see just how big we can makes our a$$es. Translation: making s'mores!

Caroline forces another hapless climbing rider into the weeds!

Me on the climb.

"The climb"... actually the exit trail to the fire road in the middle of left and right loops. Not exactly a climb, unless you're fat and lazy and blitzed on Rolling Rock.

All of us at the River's End.

Bill and Kim on that crazy tandem!

More Tandem...

and even more Tandem!!

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