Friday, June 19, 2009

Tsali - October, 2001

Fall comes to Tsali, and Chris tries to start a fire. To his right, "The Official Grill of NASCAR!" In the distance, the EWR peaks into view.
It was Damn COLD. Chris had this dorky little Thermos Grill that literally would suck the fuel from the bottle and die in no time. Note his yellow vest there too...Chris always had a Yeti thing. And by that I don't mean he liked mountain bikes from Durango Colorado, rather just that he had a hairy back and smelled like a Sasquatch. Ha!


Matt complains that while the pants do help to keep him warm in the sub-freezing temperatures at night, they also wrinkle easily. Mystery manufacturer carbon on the rack.

Toyota, mass produced California POS on the rack.

Matt and Gary

The group...including Paul and Caroline.
Cool group picture... All I remember from this trip was that my nose was not at all pleased with the cold temperatures. I spent the greater part of my time in the tent at night, snorting and sneezing and grinding my fingernails into my eye sockets...damn allergies.Ugh!

This was also one of the first trips I'd take up with Paul and Caroline. I met Paul through Gary...they were riding buddies from his days in SC. I rarely rode with Paul when Gary and I would head up to Tsali from Spartanburg.

View from the turnout above the campground.

Ubiquitous bike-on-truck-in-picturesque-setting shot!

I collect these pictures. I actually get pictures in emails from other people now, showing me their stuff in the same spot.

Deep down, we are all insane.


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Damn I'm short!

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"Efficiently Packaged"