Thursday, December 18, 2008

Eating and No Riding.

Today was a day off the bike. I had an office breakfast that I made grits and sausage links for, and obviously I couldn't ride the bike with a crock pot filled with hot grits on my back. You may have other theories on the matter, but it's my back...and my grits. Yesterday, however...WAS a bike day. More of the weird weather pattern we're in right now here in North Florida...warmer than usual and foggy and swampy feeling in the early AM. Almost seems to be raining out of the trees. You have to watch Jacksonville drivers in this weather. It's not easy to eat an Egg-McMuffin, text your girlfriend, AND avoid cyclists when the road is dry and nearly impossible when wet. Cold dry weather is coming though...get us back to a season other than 'Tropical Swamp'. About time...

The breakfast was a success. I'm having a hard time maintaining the weight in this season of fats and goodies. Still holding at below 200, but its a struggle. I like to eat. I like to drink too, but that's not a holiday specific affliction.

Picked up a set of replacement Syncros decals for the Revolution cranks from the ole Fleabay. Bike Snob would make fun of me for talking about all the dorky crud I buy, but then again...the word SNOB is in the name of the blog (of course, DOG is in the name of mine!) Picked up a spare set of Race Face Turbines too. Why? Dunno. I'll violate all Snob ethics and toss a pic up on the blog later. Watch out, old ladies in hybrid Civics.

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