Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ON the commute!

Rode in again today, same 5.5, same time trial style, same wacky looking bald man running balls out in a big gear on a knobbied 30lb all-mountain hardtail. I am an odd, odd man. No fat old women in Civcs giving me the business today though, just a little bit of fog in the am, and some cooler temps. It was one of those strange days in North Florida where being in the shade means freezing your nipples off and being in the sun means construction worker future-stench! Get the baby wipes, its time for shower in a bag.

For lunch I had Whataburger. For dinner, cheap Chianti. Right now...orange juice and sour cream and onion chips. What can I say...athletes eat weird stuff.

Not that I would know!


Steve Reed said...

"Shower in a bag."

That's charming. :)

utahDOG! said...

I'm all about style.