Friday, December 12, 2008

Night Ride!

Thursday night ride, Dec 11.

In keeping with the local crew's new scheduled full moon night rides, we ventured out to Westside Regional Park for the monthly ride.

The weather for the day was supposed to be pretty bleak, with 30% chance of storms ahead of the expected cold front. It started out a little shady, but the front ( the same that dropped 3" of snow on New Orleans!) blew through and the sky cleared at around 5pm, 2 hours ahead of kick-off. I grabbed the white EWR, fresh from her weekend overhaul and inspection, and went to meet the fellas.

There were 7 of us this time, and the trails were nicely dampened from the day's rain, with just a few puddles and some mud to deal with but not enough to 'dampen' spirits! (sorry!) The group mainly consisted of transplanted roadie fellas from About Bikes in Orange Park. The Open Road regulars were detained by shop related holiday obligations of some type.

It was a good ride, some minor slip and falls by the guys not so used to off-road work. I'd say at about 60% of my max pace was the group speed for this run, so brisk enough to count as exercise, but I wasn't dying, at least not like when I ride with the same guys on the road. The EWR did great. Still single speed, only now sporting the gold Race Face Atlas BB and Shimano Saint cranks, and the transplanted little-used Marzocchi from my wife's bike. The fork has a bit of a clunk to it, so I'll have to sort that, and it's not quite as adjustable as the newer forks on the market, being 4-5 years old or so and a mid-grade model to boot. The Stella 200L is a great lamp. I'm very happy with the choice.

Next ride, Saturday and the group ride from About Bikes...

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