Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Brodie has New Shoes

First things first. I want this Brodie to be a rider, which is one of the reasons I used cans to paint the thing instead of paying somebody to do it. Similarly, I don't want to waste a clean SDG on a bike that will be thrown in the mud, so off the hooks comes a dusty SDG with a little bit of the old 'loose Kevlar syndrome' for a quick reglue before it gets pressed into duty underneath my fat butt, AKA "The Lair of the Barking Spiders".

Glue spread and 15 minutes of drying time, I stretch the Kevlar back into shape and use little alligator clips to hold the cloth in position while the contact cement sets up. This Kevlar aint going anywhere now.

Dingy but serviceable. I could sell this sucker on eBay for 80 bucks, or I could put it under my butt, AKA "The Lair of the Barking Spiders".

And a shot of the build to date. Fresh Mavis 222's and Deore DX hubs, an M900 XTR Cassette, Race Face post and stem and a set of used blue Turbine cranks with a new ring, bash ring and hardware. should be a fine bike when I get it all cabled up and ready to go.

Nose of the saddle is a little low in this pic. Something to fix before I lump my butt (AKA, "The Lair of the Barking Spiders") on the thing and hit the trail.

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