Monday, November 8, 2010

Fleabay Spoken Here!

That has to be the worst pun ever. Get it? "Spoken" Here?

They're SPOKES!

Specifically 200 264mm 2.0-1.8 double butted spokes and 100 262 and 100 260. That is enough to build 6 sets of 217 Sunset rims into wheels, which will still leave me with 5 spare Sunset rims, and will also prove to everyone reading this that I am, in fact, insane.

The best part of this post though, is the double picture gank. See the picture above is actually watermarked with "QBP", which means its from Quality Bicycle Products' site, and somehow it became part of the auctions for my spokes, and now...indignity of indignity, the poor pic gets crapped out one more time, here.

There is no shame here at Utahdog World Headquarters, Congress of the Americas. None whatsoever. Even as I silently move gobs of wealth from the coffers of the Utahdog corporate empire into my own private offshore accounts in preparation for bankruptcy and my request for a federal corporate bailout. Except that is, for the shame that comes with spending 300 bucks on what amounts to 400 individual lengths of wire.

But then that's to be expected.


Paul said...

I think you should buy your own spoke threading machine and buy lots of spokes off of eBay and just cut threads for a living. Just think of the fun!

Where did you get the digital angle finder? I want to check the angles on the new EWR so I can compare them to the Chinese built carbon/plastic frame I may buy.

utahDOG! said...

I would have helped you with the angle finder thing...right up to where you said you were checking angles on your new Chinese plastic bicycle. Sorry, no dice!

Paul said...