Thursday, November 4, 2010

eBay out door

I don't have unlimited storage space here at Utahdog World Headquarters, One Canine Center, Congress of the Americas, so something has to go out as other goodies come in.

Headed for my out door.

AMP Calipers in Red. The red is pretty swank-a-licious.

Of course, I have the three bolt rotors too.

And if you need wheels for that, I have the AMP wheels also. AMP front hub, Deore XT rear with AMP adaptor for the three bolt rotor. Mavic 221 Blue rims. Nice stuff.

AMP front.

And the rear.

And a 31.8 oversize FSA bar that I'm bundling with a Race Face Deus stem. This was from the orange E-Motion. Now getting dusty, so out the door it goes! Watch for it on the flea!

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