Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More WTB...

An update of sorts.

I posted some pictures and the story (at least the chapter covering ownership by Utahdog World Headquarters, Congress of the Americas) of this WTB Phoenix, over on MTBR and I got a few little morsels of info, and some typical cryptic remarks.

Apparently this is the last Phoenix ever made, and I am the 4th owner. Both sort of sad observations in their own right. But then again, the future looks bright for the old girl, because I don't sell many frames so it will probably have a home for a good long time.

Another MTBR'er made the comment that the fork looked short, which I don't see as accurate, but I want to give this thing the fair shake it deserves so I thought I'd ask, before I shoot an email to Mr. Potts himself. The frame is suspension corrected, and I have a 410mm a-to-c fork on the thing. Anyone know off-hand what the fork length should be for a 1997 Phoenix? I can't imagine a 440 on the thing, as I think that would make it handle like a bus, but then again, I'm used to EWR geometry which others would consider twitchy. Previous owner ran a yellow Judy SL.

The 410 feels very natural, and I didn't need any time at all to really dial up some speed and put it through its paces in NC two weeks ago. I guess either way, the 410 stays, but it would be nice to know that I'm running the thing as designed. Does the 410 feel right to me even if its too short because I'm used to east coast geometry or does it feel right because its right? The bottom bracket does not seem low.



Dan O said...

Cool bike. I lusted after one of those back in the day.

The last one ever made? Nice.

utahDOG! said...

With the Phoenix tag anyway. There were a couple more years of steel frames with no Phoenix name, as I understand.